Composite Decking Accessories

composite decking cape town

We offer a wide range of composite decking accessories:

No decking project is complete without quality accessories to compliment the installation.  We supply and install composite decking accessories resulting in a stylish and flawlessly executed finish.

Stainless Steel Clip

Our stainless steel clips are coated with a powerful corrosion-resistant enamel coating. The perfect clip for our composite decking boards.  Our screws sit in between the groove of the decking boards giving a “screw free” overall finish

Black Plastic Clip

Plastic clips are corrosion-resistant and will endure the harshest climates. With proven, long-lasting capabilities, these clips are a great low cost option for affixing your composite decking boards

Stainless Steel Clip Screw For Wood

Our screws are made of stainless steel with a high corrosion resistant enamel coating

Stainless Steel Clip Screw For Metal

We offer a high quality, stainless steel screw for metal sub structure applcations as well as wood sub structure applications

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